The J Word was set up in June 2019 by two university students to address pressing issues revolving around politics, history and occasionally policy ideas.

It is, therefore, a platform for students to project their analysis on political events or produce policy ideas. These pieces can be either in the form of reportage or columns in how explicit one’s opinions are.

The Team

We have two editors, who were also co-creators of The J Word.

Jack Walters is a 2nd year history student, originally from Essex. He has been politically active within his university Conservative society, but principally in ensuring the United Kingdom leaves the EU, he has done this through volunteering with Eurosceptic organisations and through his contributions to BrexitCentral.

Jack Logan is an Undergraduate History Student with a particular interest in Political and Military History. He currently work as a part time researcher for an MP in Parliament. Outside of University and work, his interests extend to Educational Policy and Foreign and Domestic Affairs.


Our page and 44 articles have reached over 3,000 views, stretching across 30 countries, and 5 continents.

Our writers have used this as a springboard to write for other publications, like BrexitCentral, and for internships in the heart of Westminster.

We are looking to give aspiring writers the opportunity to write on topics that interest them and from different perspectives.

Let’s build something together.